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About Anne: About Me

About Anne

Anne’s different.  She’s always been a little different. As a child in summer camp, she was nicknamed “Abby”, after the relationship advice columnist “Dear Abby.”  Kids and camp counsellors alike would confide in Anne, asking for her help and guidance with troubling situations.  Sharing wisdom beyond her years, Anne provided comfort and helped many to find solutions to their problems, starting at the ripe age of 9 years old. 

Fast forward 30 years, Anne continued to serve as an “Abby” in the business world.  Achieving senior leadership roles in the telecommunications and manufacturing sectors, she was known for her ability to lead a diverse selection of teams, create powerful results.  Her coaching skills showed up there there too which invited her teams to higher levels of performance, satisfaction and that awesome sense of 'team'. These skills were further enhanced when Anne trained as a professional coach, giving her tools to expedite insights and learning for those she supported.

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Anne soon discovered that she could help others to find answers within themselves through a variety of introspective tools–  to guide clients to higher and better purposes in their professional and personal lives.  This is the essence of coaching. Since then, Anne’s clients have reported greater levels of self-understanding as leader, team member, parent, friend, sibling, child and life contributor.  They benefit from less stress, more success in work and non-work roles, greater ease in communication, reduced conflict, better sleep, increased health, an increased sense of joy and well-being. 


When you work with Anne, you work with all of you.  It’s not just about work. And it’s not just about life.  It’s about all of you.  You are a physical, emotional, spiritual and intellectual being, and coaching with Anne encompasses all of this. And this makes a better you - the you that you’ve been searching for, longing for, hoping to re-connect with.  It’s possible.  It’s possible to reconnect with your truest nature, your soul, that part of you that is connected to all other beings. - your colleagues, family, friends and everyone else you engage with. 

Bottom line: Anne has the ability to connect with you on a deeper level, guiding you through life’s challenges, both on the job and off, unearthing the most authentic you, and connecting you with all that is important.  This makes you a more profound leader, a stronger communicator and a sought after resource in your organization.


Anne’s yearning to help clients achieve the greatest levels of success leads her to continuously learn and grow.  She has achieved multiple certifications and credentials in her commitment to excellence. In addition to both university and college programs in Business and Psychology, she has earned thirteen designations while becoming a sought-after leadership and life coach.  She now holds internationally recognized designations  as a Certified Co-Active Coach (CPCC), Associate Certified Coach (ACC), Professional Certified Coach (PCC), Neuro Linguistic Professional (NLP), Time Line Therapist (TLT) and Certified Hypnotherapist (CHt).  Additionally, Anne has studied a multitude of programs and tools so that she can provide a broad-spectrum of solutions to her clients.

With all of that said, Anne is much more than her education.   Her experience allows her to provide multifaceted services that are personalized to your unique needs and goals.  Sometimes you may need leadership expertise; other times there may be a call for communications and relationship help.


This is the transformative magic of working with Anne. She meets you where you are and inspires you to greater levels of understanding and success. She quickly identifies the areas that require attention, and help you to release, reconnect, rekindle, and move forward with clarity and conviction.

Wonder what would be possible if you were to work with an internationally recognized coach, sought-after speaker and inspiring author?    

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