Sat on the Rocks




Okay, so you’re stuck, feeling like no-one listens, having difficulty saying ‘no’.  You’re not alone.  80% of women have difficulty asserting themselves.  Work, partners, kids, volunteer work.. they all require the finesse of asserting yourself.  Know your worth, learn the skills necessary to comfortably and confidently step into your feminine power. 

In this two session class you build your own toolkit of skills in asserting yourself. You’ll understand where some of the messaging came from that has provided a foundation for how you engage with people.  You’ll explore your own beliefs and be encouraged to challenge them.  And finally you’ll learn assertive words, phrases and tone to confidently communicate your message.



Saturday June 12  and 19 1-4 pm EST via Zoom

Investment $90 plus HST = $101.70

Stress Success


In these turbulent times the need for strategies and techniques to better manage stressful moment is more critical than ever.  Stress levels are at an all time high, anxiety over the future is rampant.

Whether you are a full time employee, parent, remote employee, student, healthcare worker or retired person you can benefit from this program.  You will learn proven strategies for managing these moments, both proactively and in the moment.

These are the approaches I teach my coaching clients regularly and they report back on the success they experience.


Saturday July 10 1-4pm EST via Zoom

Investment $60 plus HST = $67.80