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Sunil Diaz

GM and Managing Director, Enghouse Networks

I have known Anne for many years. As one progresses through their career and moves higher up the corporate ladder, a professional, trained leadership coach can be a force multiplier to improving peak performance and achieving the unimaginable. Anne brings the best of long standing experience, expert training and professionalism in her field.

elaine watson.jpeg

Elaine Watson

Chief Human Resources Officer at Covenant Health

Fabulous... she is unbelievably intuitive and can hone in on the issue almost instantaneously.

scott oxenham.jpeg

Scott Oxenham

Director, Operations, Magellan Aerospace

I used to approach different people using my gut instinct to assess how the situation, with Anne’s help I have learned how to very quickly understand personality styles and how best to nurture creative and effective team members. I am now a more thoughtful and objective leader with a vast toolbox of methods and approaches. Anne has helped me become an effective change agent, someone who others seen as a strong influencer among my peers and an understanding and effective coach by my team. I am now strongly focused on my goals and making effective steps to ensure I achieve them. I would absolutely recommend Anne’s Leadership coaching to any aspiring leader of the future. 

korry frew.jpeg

Korry Frew

Vice President of Operations, Kromet International Inc

Anne has played an integral part in the success of our senior leadership team here at Magellan Mississauga. She has shown insightful understanding of our key objectives and masterfully helped the team to achieve those goals more quickly than we could have on our own. Through her leadership coaching and training the team has been activated to fully engage, problem solve and create higher levels of communication. Goals set have been achieved and surpassed in 3 months, averaging 102% success! Working with Anne has helped us to anticipate and respond to change faster and achieve much greater results. With her intricate knowledge of the team and organization she has been able to interweave within the team and to reaffirm and guide direction behind the scenes.

kirsten m.jpeg

Kirsten McKinnon

 Co-operative Education Advisor at Conestoga College

Anne puts her whole heart into everything she does.  She will leave you feeling deeply loved, compassionately championed and renewed in hope and spirit.

amina bhanji.jpeg
Frank Vessio picture.jpeg

Frank Vessio

Director, Financial Operations at UJA Federation, Jewish Foundation of Greater Toronto

Anne is an authentic coach and speaker. She brings with her solid business experience and an intuitiveness and understanding that brings her clients to a new level of success. Through a process of road mapping she helps to identify key areas to increase skill and success in, and then works to actualize each goal. This is evident in both her coaching and training sessions. I would recommend her to anyone looking to make positive changes in business and life!

Najat M.jpeg

Najat Mahammed

Social Media Specialist, Foresters Financial

Anne is a compassionate and giving coach. The level of confidence and self-awareness she has instilled in me during our sessions still resonates in my day to day. The skills she armed me with aided my growth professionally and socially.

Michele Papadamou.jpeg

Michele Papadamou

Real Estate Sales Professional, Royal Le Page Signature Realty

Anne lead me to realize my path and own it!

John Waring.jpeg

John Waring

Division Manager, Magellan Aerospace

Anne is an outstanding leadership coach and was instrumental raising the performance level of our senior management team. Before meeting Anne, I had come to believe that great leaders were born and not made. Her insightful knowledge and clear communication of the methods made me realize this was not the case. Anne's emphasis on a future-focused, positive approach to leadership have made all the difference. I highly recommend Anne as a guide through even your toughest leadership challenges.

eliscia 1.png

Eliscia McPhee

Senior Associate, Development & Talent, PWC Canada

Anne has been able to help me put things into perspective within a safe environment while not feeling overwhelmed or judged.  I was able to explore my thoughts and feelings in an objective way, so that I could become my best possible self even though I did not feel it at the beginning.  She is like the compass one needs on a journey, the true north which never fails, she always steers you in the right direction of where you need to go with confidence.

deborah olver.jpeg

Deborah Olver

Project Manager, BMO Financial

I was in a very challenging position when I returned from a maternity leave position and found my role was very different on my return. I had to evaluate why I was having issues and look at the root cause of my discomfort.  Anne helped me to find my solutions and strategies. Her coaching also helped me to determine my priorities as I evaluated my work life balance. I am in a new position with a greater sense of my needs and what I require in my life and my job. I often reflect on some of the key learning and feel that the experience has stayed with me to this day. I would recommend Anne as an amazing coach and say that you will get more out of your sessions than you expect and have a lasting life experience.

craig vaughan.jpeg

Craig Vaughan

Magellan Aerospace Corporate Office

Anne came highly recommended to me by a colleague who thought that her coaching could assist me in developing my leadership skills. The results of Anne’s coaching were almost immediate. She gave me the self confidence that enabled me to implement new efficiencies at work that I had been previously reluctant to suggest to due concerns about my organization’s internal politics. She has helped me to identify and minimize distractions thereby increasing my productivity and has given me skills that have assisted me in becoming a much more effective negotiator. She has assisted me in transitioning from a middle manager to a senior leader. I would highly recommend Anne. Her coaching will pay dividends to your organization in the form of increased productivity, higher employee retention and more effective leaders.

aileen edwards.jpeg

Aileen Edwards

AME Consulting and Leadership Coaching

Through my coaching with Anne, I was able to make changes to effectively work with my direct reports, my manager and my peers and feel great about who I am.  I successfully merged two departments and lead them successfully through the transition.  I learned to be positive and future focused even in high stress moments. I faced some very difficult situations at work and Anne helped me work through them with complete success.  I learned to turn difficult situations into positive partnerships.  I learned that I don’t have to do it all to become the leader I wished to be. Anne helped me to realize that I did not have to compromise my core values to be successful. I would recommend Anne to anyone who was looking for a professional, confidential effective coach.  Thanks Anne, I truly enjoyed our time together, as the sessions have made a real difference in the way that I approach situations at work and at home.

jennifer 1.png

Jennifer Jackson

Elliott Jackson Communications LLC

Anne’s coaching has been invaluable in helping me transition from employee to an independent ERP Learning consultant. She really sees where and when I need help in developing my business and managing my clients. I especially appreciate the sounding board that Anne provides—it always seem to result in me  answering my own questions but in a way that I hadn't previously considered.

amina bhanji.jpeg

Amina Bhanji

Business Support Co-ordinator, Ministry of Municipal Affairs and Housing

I first met Anne when she was facilitating a Communications workshop for my organization several years ago. I was automatically drawn to her warm and inviting personality. Most recently, I have had the pleasure of being coached by Anne and have found her to be the most inspiring and motivational person I have ever met. Her pragmatic approach, non-biased guidance and genuine mentorship have truly changed my life and added purpose and true meaning to it. I went to Anne as a career coach and she helped me go through a series of tests and additional research to finally come to the realization of my dreams & passion in life. Thanks to Anne’s gentle guidance, I now have a sense of direction of where I want to go and how to go about getting there. I highly recommend her to anyone who wants to see positive changes and feel alive again.

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