Intuitive Life Coaching

Reconnect and recharge with your authentic, soul-centred self.

It's time to learn about you… what makes you tick, what gives you joy, what challenges you.  With this knowledge, you will learn to make choices that move you in the direction of your most desired, soul-centred life.


In an Intuitive Life Coaching (ILC) session, you will experience coaching on a different plain.  Divinely guided and goal driven, ILC sessions provide a profound sense of clarity and direction.  An ILC session will help you discover unexplored parts of yourself, connecting you with your unique spirit and the spirit of loved ones you may be missing.  While each session is different, you can expect deep insights, clearer vision, a soul-guided path forward.

During ILC sessions, Anne incorporates her certifications and training in techniques such as Time Line Therapy (TLT), Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP), Hypnosis, DiSC personality profiles, and conflict management.  Her extensive training allows Anne to tailor her approach to your specific needs, and one ILC session may utilize different tools. This powerful integration of coaching, intuition and spiritual connection invites accessing and clearing of situations that have held you back in past.  By letting go of past wounds, experiences and messages, you are freed to embrace your truth and create your future – a future that is guided by your best interests and chosen by your soul.