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Your Purpose, Passion, Vision and Strengths

Are you looking for something more in your life?  Do you want to change your relationship? Do you want to catapult your career to the next level? Are you trying to become a better leader, better parent or better person? If your answer to any of the questions is a yes, this book is for you. Discover your hidden powers and understand what has been holding you back.


Ignite! Your Purpose, Passion, Vision and Strengths.

This constantly enlightening collection of life lessons — written by acclaimed leadership and intuitive life coach Anne Rose — is designed to lead you to a personal definition of “self,” and to set you up on a personal path to mental, emotional, spiritual, physical and financial success.


Having advised thousands on their professional and personal lives, Anne draws generously on her experience as a certified coach and presents meticulously crafted, practiced and polished techniques in this book to get you to your goal.

This illuminating and truly life-changing guide establishes an introspective foundation that will equip you with improved leadership skills, enhanced self-awareness, and more fulfilling and authentic lives.

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