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Leadership Coaching

Reconnect with your most authentic self as leader.

Leadership Coaching: Services

Guidance, Tools & Inspiration

Effective leadership starts with a clear and inspiring vision.  Like a beacon in a storm, vision creates a clear path to follow at times of challenge and uncertainty. It guides you, your team and your business as you rise up to meet the challenges of change and the “new normal” that comes along with it.


As a leader, there are times when you lose this sense of vision and certainty.  The path to success may seem unclear, especially when the ground beneath you is constantly shifting.  With every shift, you need to not only reorient yourself, but also your business culture and the ways that you engage with your team and your customers.


Through Anne’s leadership coaching, you can reconnect with your vision so that you and your team have a clear and inspiring direction to follow.  Your leadership vision will help you to find new and better ways to engage with your teams and your customers.  It will help you to create cohesion across your organization, even when you feel miles apart.  And it will help you to be the impactful leader that you know you can be.


Build Your Leadership Skills

There is an awesome leader inside each of us, but sometimes we don’t acknowledge it. Sometimes traditional definitions of leadership keep us from seeing the leadership around us – and within us. There are leaders around us all of the time. Some take on leadership roles in the workplace, others lead as volunteers. Some lead at home, through parenting or projects such as home renovations.  And still others excel at “life leadership,” serving as role models for others in various parts of life.  Where do you lead? Where do you want to lead? Wherever your leadership shows up, it may be time for a tune-up. Work with Anne to discover what leadership means to you and create a plan to bring your best leader forward. You will make a difference where it matters most to you.

Your Next Career Step

This service is a favourite among Anne’s clients.  It does more than just help you to plan what’s next for your career; it opens the door to a happier, healthier life. Anne will give you tools and techniques for a balanced and fulfilling lifestyle while taking stock of your career and updating your goals.

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