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More about Intuitive Anne


After accomplishing senior levels in organizations while quietly attending classes across the world to hone her stills as intuitive, psychic and medium, Anne returned to her soul calling.  As a sought-after speaker and coach she provided sessions and guidance in leadership, communication, assertiveness and conflict resolution, to name a few.  She would connect with her participants on a deeper level, guiding them through their challenges both on the job and off.  This led her to formalize this offering as she began studying to become a Coach.  Believing in education Anne embarked on a certification journey that took several years.  She now holds internationally recognized designations  as a Certified Co-Active Coach (CPCC), Associate Certified Coach (ACC), Professional Certified Coach (PCC), Neuro Linguistic Professional (NLP), Time Line Therapist (TLT) and Certified Hypnotherapist (CHt). Additionally Anne has studied a multitude of programs and tools to provide a broad spectrum toolbox to her clients. With all of this, there was still a yearning, a knowing that she was not quite there yet.  A calling from within her soul, gently nudging and guiding her back to her true calling.


So amidst all this education and learning she felt most at home when her coaching sessions were not just skill and goal focused, but connected with spirit for a guidance level that was deeper and more soulful that she could have ever imagined. The more she listened the better results her clients achieved, it was much deeper. Relationships blossomed, conflicts decreased, old wounds released, stillness returned, emotional scars healed, connections with passed loved ones made.


Anne’s Educational Journey

Her spiritual journey took her to places in Canada, the US and Europe.  She has studied with some of the best mediums and time-honoured mediumship training schools.  She has taken several programs with the Internationally recognized and highly respected Arthur Findlay College located in Stansted, England.  It’s kind of a Hogwarts for Mediums, providing an incredible, immersive and transformative experience.


Anne was selected for a 2 year mentorship program with one of the world’s most highly respected and professional mediums, Joseph Shiel


She has studied in programs with James Van Praagh, John Holland, Collette Baron -Reid, Sharon Klingler, Colin Bates, Sandie Baker, Su Wood, Steven Upton, Val Williams and Stella Upton.


Anne is also a Level 2 Reiki Practitioner.


She takes all of this learning, experience and knowledge to provide a transformative experience to her clients. This is the magic that Anne provides. She meets you on the level that you are at. With spirit at her side she hones in on the areas needing the most focus and on all levels helps you to release, rekindle, gain clarity and move forward.


So if you are seeking more than just a coach or intuitive, connect with a sought-after speaker, internationally recognized coach, author, intuitive, psychic and medium.
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