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Are You a “Driver”??

Updated: May 14, 2021

Ever met anyone you thought was from a different planet? You couldn’t figure out what they were thinking, why they approached a situation in such an unfamiliar way, leaving you feeling puzzled, angry or frustrated? You are not alone. Daily communication often leaves much to be interpreted.

Inscape Publishing offers answers through their DiSC Personal Profile. Here’s the gist of it: There are basically 4 styles of people. Each of us is a unique combination of these 4 styles. Each of us has preferences, preferred approaches to communication and interactions.

The four styles are: Driver, Influencer, Steady or Conscientious. Just by their style names you may have an inkling as to which may be your predominant style. Having an understanding of your style and the style of people around you will likely increase your communication effectiveness and decrease your stress. You gain an understanding of why people appear to be from a different planet from a communications perspective.For the next four months I will give you the answer, by style. This month we’ll profile the D’s (Drivers). Next month we’ll do I’s, then S’s and finally C’s.

Remember to see each style as they are. Each brings wonderful elements to the business world. Each has challenges. The key, as always, is to leverage the strengths of your unique combination of styles. As a leader, it is imperative that you identify the greatest strengths in each of your team members and build on it. Leverage and you will see your team productivity go up.

What we know about D’s

D’s are bottom line, no-nonsense people

They have an incredible need to achieve

They need to see action

They have a strong desire to be part of the solution, or even better, to lead it

They get totally bored with routine

Conflict is easy for them

What makes D’s amazing

Strategy focused

Big picture views

Make decisions quickly and stick to them

Take immediate action

Who do you know that has some of these characteristics and approaches?

With knowledge of a persons style, either naturally or in the moment you can begin to work better with them. You work with them in their style. This means focusing on what is important to them in communication and in the interaction. It’s important to honour your own needs and style, while flexing your style to best work with the person you are interacting with. Here are some suggestions for working well with someone who may be a D in the moment:

Give them bottom line (no beating around the bush here!)

Avoid lots of detail or superfluous information

Let them have, or believe they have control over the situation

Give them choices; never tell them what to do.

Make sure there is a lot of variety in what they do

My coaching challenge to you is to increase your awareness of D’s. See their wonderful strengths and be cautious of their over-extended strengths. Give them every opportunity to flex their strengths and step into their authentic self. They are incredible achievers. Give them the space to shine!

If you need more information on the four styles of communication, contact Anne.

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