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Footsteps of Time

Updated: May 14, 2021

Have you ever considered the value of footsteps? That sound is so part of our lives that we don’t even hear them anymore. Stop and listen right now. Do you hear any footsteps? Listen, carefully. Each step is a message.

Case in point: a 91 year old man has just had surgery at a Toronto Hospital. A family anxiously awaits the doctors’ visit to announce how successful the surgery is. As footsteps are heard outside the waiting room the family collectively holds their breath in trying to ascertain whether those footsteps could be those of the doctor.

They try to decipher the clues – the sound that different shoes make, the weight of the person, even whether they sound like male or female steps in anticipation of their doctor coming in to report on the surgery. Conversation stops as footsteps are heard. It almost feels as if time stops briefly as all waiting room members look to see if it is their doctor’s footsteps they hear.

Isn’t it amazing how something we take for granted each and every day suddenly becomes the full focus of our attention? All other cares slip away as this focus is shifted and narrowed.

Finally an exhalation after our doctor’s footsteps are heard and he announces the success of the surgery. Then footsteps take their normal place in our lives, slip into the background.

Our priorities shift moment to moment, day by day, and we choose what to focus our attention on.

By the way, that 91 year old is my ever so strong and determined dad. I admire his strength and courage. His priorities? Before the surgery he asked me to watch mum; after the surgery he only wanted to see and be with his wife (my mum). Focus of his attention? Right on.

Coaching questions to spark your thoughts:

Are you listening for the right footsteps? What is the focus of your attention today? Do you hear the footsteps in your life? Are you focused on what’s important right now or are you letting what is really important slip into the background? Choose to let the worries of tomorrow stay in the future and stay focused on what is important today. God willing we will all be here tomorrow to re-shift priorities and focus based on what this next day will hold for us. Seize this moment and this day; claim it as yours. Listen, observe and choose your focus.

Stay well and strong,


Anne Rose – Communications Training and Coaching.

Helping you realize and reach your full potential.

“Choose your moments, actions and attitude; acknowledge your joys.”

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