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Innergizing Ideas

Updated: May 14, 2021

Getting innnergized is being energized from the inside out. It’s that feeling you have first thing in the morning when you know it’s going to be a good day. It’s the first smell of spring in the air, the crispness of fall, the sense of acheivement for completion of a project or challenging task. We all strive for this. it gets the endorphins flowing.. we feel good..

Want more of it? Read on…

Open your mind and imagine what is possible. Allow yourself to have that balance between work and play. My clients tell me that is one of their greatest challenges. So consider yourself nudged. What would make you feel energized… truly energized from the inside out… to be innergized? Engaging in some of these activities can , reduce your stress, get ot that place of being innergized and get you in better balance.

Here are some activities that are some of the top ‘innergizing’ activities:

Put the passion back in your life. What do you love doing… I mean really love doing? What makes you feel alive, innergized, excited? If you love pottery take a class in it, connect with like-minded people. If you love to swim, find a local pool and immerse yourself in the healing energy of water. I love to be in nature. When I don’t have a lot of time but really crave being in nature I stop at a garden centre and just peruse the incredible variety of flowers and trees and stimulate my senses by taking in the colours, beautiful fragrances and the feel of different leaves.

Re-connect. Who do you love being with? Who innergizes you… makes you feel important, worthy, significant, loved, included, welcome? If you haven’t connected for a while, connect with them for either a phone conversation or suggest getting together. You may enjoy that walk even more with someone you really connect with. Isn’t it amazing how you can connect with a friend that you haven’t spoken to in months or even years and just pick up where you left off?

Learn something new. Go to your local library and pick up a CD of either music or learning. Choose topics and types of music that you don’t normally listen to or read. Then learn as you commute to work or as you enjoy that walk. Pick up a book on a topic that has been of interest to you. And then make the time to read it! Take a class in something that enriches you. There are wonderful programs running in the spring. It’s a time of renewal and both teacher and student are anxious to progress!

Walk outside… Anytime, anywhere, with people you enjoy being with, or on your own. Walking in your own neighbourhood can re-connect you with your neighbours after the winter’s hibernation. Looking at peoples gardens can give you ideas for your own garden. Listen to the sound of the birds in the morning. I have a morning dove that serenades me in the morning. It’s a part of my morning that I really look forward to.

Swap. Swapping is increasing in popularity. Find something you no longer need and want to share. Find others who want to do that too. This can include portioning off a plant in your garden and exchanging it with a neighbour for one of their plants that has spread a little too much. It’s a win-win. Other things to swap include skates, skis, kids’ clothes and home items such as furniture. Other families swap services such as babysitting. You can even swap meals. Once a week you can prepare a meal for two families, deliver it and all they have to do is serve and eat. Then they do it for you. You get to try foods that you may not cook on regular basis and get a night off from cooking. It can be really exciting to get or receive something ‘new’. This no-cost activity can be truly innergizing!

Plan your summer. Don’t let the summer slip away… plan activities that allow you to most enjoy the season. Wonderful seasonal activities include a drive-in movie theatre, getting out on the water: sailing, boating, water skiing, canoeing, paddle boating, outdoor live theatre, barbeques, fishing, campfires, summer street festivals, farmers market and outdoor concerts… the list goes on. I’ve had summers where I’ve really wanted to do some of these wonderful outdoor activities but then autumn is upon us and we’ve missed doing the things that we most wanted to do.

So what do you want from your summer? Take ideas from here, add some of your own and make this the summer that you want it to be. Choose who you want to be with and what you want to do.

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