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Setting New Direction

Updated: May 14, 2021

6:45am. The alarm clock jolted me out of a beautiful, restful sleep. Out of that beautiful transitionally sleepiness I brought myself back to the realization that it was that day again: Back to School Day!

The boys sprang out of bed: they are ready! It is a day of celebration for each of us. It’s a day they prepared for. They have their cloths planned out, new school supplies and all the energy and excitement in anticipation of seeing their friends they haven’t seen since June.

There is celebration as I return home from taking them to school. It’s a feeling I’d forgotten: quiet in the house. The walls still seem to reverberate with left over sounds of kids screaming, balls being pelting in the walls direction, kids thundering up and down stairs….

So as I sit here I look around know the walls could tell stories I never could. Sometimes I wonder… if my dog Jack could talk what would he tell me about what happens when I’m not around!!

So I feel a sense of celebration, newness, freshness, a positive anticipation of what’s new for me in this quiet house.

Kids or no kids, it’s a time celebration… of fall, of family, of accomplishments, friends, joys. And with celebration comes the question… ‘What next?’

After spending the summer in learning mode I’m excited about the new things I bring to my clients and the ways I know my clients lives will be changed for the better. That’s worth a celebration!

So my coaching questions to you are:

What are you celebrating?

What’s next for you?

In partnership of moving forward,


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