Setting Your Post Pandemic Direction

Updated: May 21

In these uncertain times, many of us are seeking some grounding, purpose and vision for the future.

If you’re like me, you may be longing for stability, having moments of fear, joy and sadness, and in the next moment revel in the life awareness that being present can bring.

These unprecedented times can be met with and used to wallow, be fearful and isolation or can be a time to align with the planet in re-setting your path. So why not to re-set your path; consider what you would like the next step in your life to be, and move steadfast in that direction?

Are you in? Join me as we create a vision that will usher in a most beautiful new life chapter for you. Let’s get started!

Select a ‘canvas’ of your choice to begin crafting that next chapter. That may include plain unlined, lined or fancy printed paper in any size of your liking. You can employ a simple pen or pencil, or coloured pencils or markers. The choices are plentiful.

You will be creating a well-rounded plan for yourself. It’s important to consider all aspects including the following:

  • Health

  • Career

  • Family

  • Contribution

  • Social

  • Physical

  • Intellectual

  • Spiritual

  • Financial

  • Personal and Professional Growth

For each of these areas visualize where greater success in these areas would be. Allow yourself to create a picture for yourself that makes that area ‘better’.

I recently spoke with one of my clients and he focused on his work. I reminded him that business is only one aspect of life. As we explored, it became apparent to him that his life was out of balance, using much of his precious time to create business achievements. His epiphany was that he had been given the gift of working remote which gave him another 2 hours a day he used to spend commuting to his office. This analysis from the exercises below encouraged him to shift that time to focus on the other areas of his life. The learning from this, for all of us is that all aspects of life are important.

Honour where ever you are and make this a pleasurable activity, not a stressful one!

So find a quiet place to sit and ponder your post pandemic future. Print this off or use blank paper to create your new vision.

Let’s get started.

Exercise #1: Thought provoking introspective questions.

Answer these questions to begin your roadmap:

  1. If you woke up tomorrow and your life was exactly as you wanted it to be, what would be different?

  2. What values and passions are expressed in your vision, work and life?

  3. What gets you totally jazzed? What do you love about your life?

  4. What drags you down, sucks your energy?

  5. What impact are you having on yourself, your work, your family, your co-workers, and the world?

  6. What activities are you focusing your time on? Are these the activities you want to be focusing your time on? Is there an imbalance between what you are you currently doing and what you would like to be doing?

  7. Do you currently feel a full sense of contribution? If not, what is detracting form that sense of contribution? What would add to it?

Once you’ve answered these questions look for any commonalities. As you re-read your answers, which answers get you fired up and excited?

Exercise #2: Bucket list

Write a list of 20 things (or more!) you would like to do in this lifetime: your bucket list. Describe them in full colour, so clear that you will know when have completed them. Eliminate all barriers and think of things you would like to do. Don’t let money, time, ability, experience or location be a barrier. Obviously there are some barriers that must be considered. An example of this would be if you wanted to be a famous rock star, but had the type of voice that makes even animals run and hide, you may want to consider being the drummer not the vocalist. Be realistic about any barriers that you think of. In most cases there is a way around it.

Anthony Robbins describes writing a list of what he wanted to accomplish in life, when he barely had a dime in his pocket. The items on his list seemed unrealistic, but now has come to be reality.

Exercise #3: Fear vs. Success

List things you are afraid to attempt. What have you always wanted to do but have been afraid to do? Interestingly the fear may be a fear of failing, trying something new, or even a fear of succeeding. What would happen if you were to succeed?

Exercise #4: Lottery Winner

If you were the $1 million winner what would you do with your money? How exciting to think about the possibilities. I’ve known 2 different big lottery winners. Each handled it differently. What would you do with a big win?

Exercise #5: Perfect day vision.

Describe a perfect day, post covid. Write it as if it were 1 year from today. Start with ‘I wake up in…”. In this story you are creating, it is using your conscious and unconscious minds, so just allow it to flow. No judgement, just observation. Watch as your pen creates a story that makes your hear sing.