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Snowy Words of Encouragement

Updated: May 14, 2021

It was late on a Friday. I had worked hard all week. I drove home in the snow clutching the steering wheel. I wondered why I had even attempted the drive home, north of the city. I should have just stayed in the city. ‘I hate driving in the winter’ I muttered.

I called home a few times, hoping just to hear my husband’s voice: the voice of re-assurance. I just wanted him to tell me it was going to be okay and that I would get home and that he would be waiting for me. He wasn’t home. I sat very alone in the car, hoping he would pick up my message from home and call me back in the car.

The snowflakes fell and the miles went on. I was glad to see occasional cars on a near deserted road. Finally, he called. The words were like gold. I savored the words the same way we savour the sun in the midst of the grey winter days.

These ‘snowy’ words, words of encouragement are gold. We each have times when we need these words, when the path isn’t clear, when we aren’t as sure of ourselves. Just to know it will be okay.

Coaching questions:

What ‘snowy’ words do you need to hear? Who do you need to hear them from – another person, yourself or a higher power?

Who do you know that needs to hear ‘snowy’ words? Share this story and share your words of encouragement to someone who is on a snowy path.

You are a wonderful human being. You are blessed and bring gifts that are shared every day with others around you. There are people who right now are thankful for your kind words, supportive words, encouraging words. And you may never know how far and deep those words reached. So continue reaching out, to those who look sad, lost or just in need of some ‘snowy’ words. And reach out and hear the words others speak to you. Those words too are gold. Take them and savour them.

So you want the end of the story…ok. I made it home safely, thankfully. As I turned the corner into my subdivision I breathed a sigh of relief. ‘I’m home’. I felt emotion well up as I saw my husband and kids outside shoveling the driveway. I felt like I had been gone a very long time.

My encouragement for this month is to look for opportunities to share ‘snowy’ words and listen to hear ‘snowy’ words shared back with you.

Be well, and safe driving!


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