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Success Review

Updated: May 14, 2021

On this first work day of the New Year I invite you to review your last year and set some goals for this new year.

Celebrate your successes, learn from mistakes, and set goals that will propel you in the direction that will create the greatest satisfaction, accomplishment and joy!

Let’s get started! Reviewing last year:

ACCOMPLISHMENTS: What did you achieve in the last year that you are really proud of? What goals did you achieve? Who did you add to your network that is helping you get your goals accomplished?

GIVE BACK: What did you give to others that you are proud of? Did you mentor, coach, teach, guide, promote, cheer about or with; give to or volunteer time, money or energy to a person or cause?

LEARNINGS: What did you learn that were great lessons? What was difficult at the time, but in retrospect was a great gift of knowledge and learning?

Looking ahead to the New Year:

Begin with a vision. Here’s how to do it: Take 20-30 minutes to craft out your next year. You will write the story of what you want this new year to be like. You will consider work, home, family, volunteer, health and finance.

Either take the time now, or take out your planner and schedule time to do this over lunch or early in the morning! Let this year be the year of greatest success for you! Here’s how it works:

VISION: You will write the story of how you want this year to unfold. This is a starting point; a first draft. You will write it as if it is January 2nd of next year and you are doing a year in review, so write it in present tense as if the vision has already happened or is happening now. Write a story that inspires you. Just write, don’t edit (yet!) Set your timer and get started! Consider the following:

WHAT DO YOU WANT FOR YOURSELF? Less stress and a more balanced life? Better health? A higher income? To be better organized and more efficient with your time? Have more fun? Spend more time with your family? To communicate more effectively? To have better relationships? Lose weight? Get fit? To do a better job of budgeting/handling money? Increase savings? More time with hobbies?

WHAT DO YOU WANT FOR YOUR WORK? To have better communication? More effective meetings? A promotion or advancement? A role that best utilizes your strengths and talents? Less conflict? Greater ease in work relationships? Better understanding of others? A decrease in tensions? Higher retention of staff? Better relations with customers? More predictable cash flow and budgets? More coaching of staff for greater performance? Ease in performance discussions and reviews? More effective goal setting? Upgrade of equipment? Better job of capturing expenses? More referrals? More ‘ideal’ clients?

In doing this consider some of the following:

If you woke up tomorrow and your life was exactly as you wanted it to be, what would be different?

What values and passions are expressed in your vision and work?

What gets you totally jazzed?

What impact are you having on yourself, your work, your family, your co-workers, and the world?

What activities are you focusing your time on?

How will life be different when you are living this vision?

How do you feel when you are living this vision?

The clearer you are about this, the better. See it, feel it and believe it. When you have finished writing your vision, re-read it. Edit it. Keep it with you. Set your monthly, weekly and daily goals to support your vision. Make decisions based on this. Review it often; celebrate your successes as you make this a reality.

My invitation to you is to step up to making this year the year of your dreams. Make it filled with the activities, contributions, relationships and successes that make this the year you experience greater joy, fulfillment and success. Set your goals and start achieving them!

Wishing you an abundance of blessings in the coming year!


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