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The 100 Things Goal-Setting Exercise

Updated: May 14, 2021

Write a list of 100 things you would like to do before you die. Imagine all the different activities you want a part of in your lifetime. Think about what would make you feel good or fulfilled.

Your list might include personal and professional achievements, places you would like to travel to, all the jobs you might like to do, the family structure you strive for, your volunteer ideals, and your physical, spiritual and financial goals. Eliminate all the mental barriers and focus only on those things on which your heart is freshly set. While there are certainly some impediments that need to be built into your plan (if you want to be a famous rock star but have a voice that makes animals run for cover you may want to adjust the dream from lead singer to drummer, for example), you should work hard not to let money, time, ability, experience or location be an obstacle. Be realistic about the barriers you uncover; in most cases, there’s a way around them. Take the time you need to complete this. You’ll probably find that you’ll need more than one pass. How many times, after all, have you allowed your mind this kind of freedom to imagine a future?

If you reach a dry point, I suggest coming back to it later and adding on as your mind dreams up more goals. Throughout the exercise, particularly during moments of discouragement, remember: Robbins talks of having written a list of what he wanted to accomplish in life when he barely had a dime in his pocket. The items on that list, once absurdly unlikely, have now become his very celebrated reality.

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