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The Cost of Perfection

Updated: May 14, 2021

Have you ever thought about how many heartbeats you waste in striving for perfection? Why does it have to be perfect? Why do we have to spend so much time trying to do it right? Why not get rewarded for doing a great job, regardless of whether it is perfect or just a great effort?

Why stress it?

There is enough stress around us, why put additional stress on ourselves in this pursuit of perfection. I say just chill. Take a step back. Ask ‘why am I putting expectations on myself that I wouldn’t put on others’. How would you respond if someone you cared about really tried but was hard on themselves because it wasn’t done well enough? What would you tell them? Hmmm…… Probably something like: “Hey, we all make mistakes”, “You learned from this…”, “What a great learning experience…”, “Okay, now get on with it…!”

So, your assignment – don’t be so hard on yourself (and others too). Take a page out of your own book – BREATHE, and then allow yourself to be human, make mistakes, and create incredible learning experiences out of them. And know that the more accepting and natural you are the more you are liked, accepted and loved.

Anne Rose

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