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Using Your Commute Time

Updated: May 14, 2021

Happy summer! Kids are out of school and summer begins. Are your kids bored yet?? Work-life balance takes on a new meaning with kids out of school. Time becomes more precious. There were some interesting study results on using commuting time to do work. Is there ever enough time in the day? See the full article below for more details on using time in our daily commute.

Here are 5 tips for using your commuting time:

Use your time to transition to or from work so that you can be fully present when you arrive.

On your inbound trip plan out your day. Every minute of planning saves 5 minutes in the actual tasks. Great productivity booster. If you drive to work do this either in your car once you arrive or immediately when you get in your office.

If your mind needs a rest, allow yourself to rest. You will arrive more relaxed and ready to handle the challenges that may face you! If driving it means leave work at work, put on your favourite music and enjoy the ride. If on public transit you may truly rest; let someone else do the driving!

On your outbound trip review the list you started your day with. Acknowledge and celebrate your accomplishments. Either do this in your office before you leave for the day or in your car before you start your journey.

Use transit time to learn. Books on tape are a great way to become a better leader, learn a new language or improve parenting skills. Public libraries are filled with a huge cross section of topics!

Hope you are enjoying your summer!

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