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What’s important?

Updated: May 14, 2021

As we are deep into our wonderful summer, I find myself pondering the question ‘what’s important?’ My answer in the moment tends to focus around what has to be done, so I end up with responses like: laundry, watering the flowers outside, checking my email… Then I remind myself of the joy of summer and all it brings. Why does the focus have to be on what needs to be done, not what would I enjoy doing?

As I trudged up the steps in the front of my house after driving over 1500kms this week (long story… later…) I looked at my unplanted flowers (yes, I bought them well over a month ago, they are just acclimatizing!) and thought about how I really should plant them before they die! After my 3rd pass by the unplanted flowers I slowed down enough to really look at them. In fact, I looked at the entire beautiful bed of plants and flowers and reminded myself that is summer – not just for the kids, but for us older kids too!!

So here’s the question for you:

What joys of summer are you walking by? What have you missed? What would the kid in you like to do? What can you do today, or plan for the weekend that will feed the kid in you? Go ahead and play and have fun.

My encouragement to you is to indulge in the summer activities you most enjoy. As we know only too well, the end of summer will come all too fast. Anticipate that time in your mind. Do you want to look back and enjoy the memories of the joys of summer, or look back and wonder where the summer went and wished you had indulged in the wonderful summertime activities?

So I’m off to plant my flowers and enjoy the sun…

Take the rays of sun that I send in this email, breathe in the fresh summer air and allow your mind to direct you on a simple summer pleasure you can enjoy this weekend.

Be well,

With kindness,


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