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What’s Your Style?

Updated: May 14, 2021

Each one of us has a different way of approaching situations. We do, however, have a predominant approach to situations. We each have a unique style that is a combination of the 4 styles. Knowing your own style and the style of others will help you work better with a variety of people in a variety of situations…especially the difficult situations!

Four styles in the DiSC model

Drivers (D’s)

Bottom line, no nonsense, decisive, direct, dominant, results oriented.

They like to get things done. They are visionary, seeing what is possible. They come up with ideas and eventually get bored with them and go on to something new. They are amazing decision-makers, having the ability to look at something quickly and make a decision.

Orchestra conductors are often D’s, with the ability to see all the individual pieces come together, directing each one.

Influencers (I’s)

Interesting, interested, love to be included in things, action-oriented, excited, positive, inspirational, enthusiastic and expressive.

They are social butterflies. They like everyone around them to be involved and happy. They can oversell in an attempt to please everybody.

Cruise directors are an example of I’s.

Steady (S’s)

Easy-going, take your time, great listeners, easy to talk to, caring, concerned, sensitive, patient, loyal, trusting and giving.

They like to help people. They take things in stride. They are very balanced between the need to work well with others and to get the job done. The greatest gift you can give an S is the gift of time, not rushing them.

Nurses are often S’s.

Conscientious/Compliant (C’s)

Detailed, process-oriented, policy-driven, great sense of justice, accurate, competent, careful, everything is in it’s place.

C’s are amazing with anything involving detail. They know what the policy and procedures are and follow them. They will avoid conflict and confrontation.

Air traffic controllers and statisticians are often C’s.

If you are curious about your own style, complete an online profile. Contact Anne for more details.

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