Embrace the knowing within. 

​You are intelligent.

You are an accomplished leader, team member and family member.

You are counted on to have the answers.

Yet… when it comes to what you really want for yourself, for your life, you are at a loss.

You know that you want change.
You know that you want more.

But you don’t know the details.

Coach Anne can help you on your path.

Leadership Coaching

Guidance, Tools & Inspiration to be the best you as leader.

Intuitive Life Coaching

Reconnect and recharge with your authentic, soul centered self.

Virtual Learning

Learn skills, gain insight and reconnect virtually.


Internationally Recognized Coach. Sought-After Speaker.

Gifted Intuitive. Inspiring Author.


Anne’s clients describe her as “highly intuitive” with the ability to “lovingly kick butt.” 

Her clients set paths and blaze trails.  They reconnect with who they are and they turn their inspiration into results.  In fact, clients report achieving 95% or more of their goals in 3 months or less.

Anne draws from her training, experience and intuitive wisdom to tap into the knowing within you, and around you. 

Client results speak for themselves. See what others are saying.

elaine watson.jpeg

Elaine Watson

Chief Human Resources Officer at Covenant Health

Fabulous... she is unbelievably intuitive and can hone in on the issue almost instantaneously.

John Waring.jpeg

John Waring

Division Manager, Magellan Aerospace

Anne is an outstanding leadership coach and was instrumental raising the performance level of our senior management team. Before meeting Anne, I had come to believe that great leaders were born and not made. Her insightful knowledge and clear communication of the methods made me realize this was not the case. Anne's emphasis on a future-focused, positive approach to leadership have made all the difference. I highly recommend Anne as a guide through even your toughest leadership challenges.

kirsten m.jpeg

Kirsten McKinnon

 Co-operative Education Advisor at Conestoga College

Anne puts her whole heart into everything she does.  She will leave you feeling deeply loved, compassionately championed and renewed in hope and spirit.

Anne Rose


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